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My little corner of the web, all to! I hope to fill this space with my random musings, not so random insight (sometimes), and just general stuff about me.

First, I'm a UNIX Systems Engineer for a large service provider. What does that mean? Well, I design, implement, and maintain UNIX-based servers. My main specialities are RedHat Enterprise Linux, and Solaris. Those are the operating systems that I spend 95%+ of my time with. But what would be a good shop without some HP/UX and AIX thrown in for good measure? Oh well, that's enoguh about my job.

Now for me! I'm a fairly avid beer drinker, and always enjoy a good beer. Here in St. Louis, we have the Schlafly Tap Room downtown, and there are other microbrews that you can get in the area. But, unfortuantely, the Tap Room is relatively far away, so I generally eat closer to home. Krieger's is one of my favorite places around, the Bavarian pretzel sticks are just to die for (get 'em with cheese sauce)!

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