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.xxx porn domain sparks legal battle -

Finally! Someone decides to stand up to the US Government in response to the .xxx porn domain - just like many things that the current administration does/has done, they have zero regulatory authority to do this.

I'm sure all of the conservatives are saying how bad this would be for our childeren. It would in fact be good, since it provides a single thing to block from their access, rather than a smorgasboard of possible domains.

The one bad/good thing that I see about this is that participation is voluntary - good for the porn sites that are not required to self-identify, and bad because the detractors will use precisely that fact to say it's not needed.

My guess here is that most legitimate businesses would self-identify, but that's just a guess and a gut feeling, based on really no real evidence.

EU executive slams "interference" in sex site vote��Internet��

Weel, here's the US government mucking in the affairs of the international community again.

What does it take for independence of the Internet? Just in case the government still hasn't gotten past the part of Al Gore inventing the Internet, I've got news for you - he didn't.

The particular ruling denied the creation of a '.xxx' TLD, that would have been reserved for pr0n. The people that were against this are the same people that are against the sites existing in the first place - the family activists. What they don't realize is that the creation of that TLD would have enabled filtering to be much easier.

I'm not personally in favor of pr0n exisiting on the Internet that is accessible by minors, especially where they can accidentally run across it (think With all of it in a '.xxx' domain, it would be extremely easy to spot it, block it, or if not blocked, just not click on it.

Oh well. Emotion prevails over common sense, again.