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The Complete Bushisms - Updated frequently. By Jacob Weisberg

Ahhh, yes - an excellent find, quotes attribuatable to the incoherent man in the White House.

Don't pull the plug on Connexion, Boeing. By Daniel�Gross

So apparently Boeing is getting ready to axe Connexion By Boeing, a rather innovative service for in-flight Internet access.

It would cost about $27 USD for a full 24 hours worth of Internet access onboard airplanes. But here's the catch - it costs about $500,000 per plane to install. Airlines in the post-9/11 world just haven't been willing or able to shell out that kind of cash for it.

If Internet access were available on the flights that I took (unlikely being the most common flight I take is on an Embraer Regional Jet - thanks AmericanConnection :-( ), I would certaintly shell out the cash for it - it's a business requirement that I be in touch.

If you read my previous article on the pains of getting my BlackBerry replaced, you know how much I value that...