May 2007 Archives

Since I've published anything here. But I have something worthwhile to post today, and this has been sitting in my Blogger drafts for over a month, so it's a little less current now than it was back then, but I figured that I would publish it anyway.
I've moved since my last post...A long way away. You see, I am now a resident of Jersey City, NJ. Not the part with high crime, though. Jersey City is rapidly undergoing a period of gentrification, much like another neighborhood that I frequently visit, and is the topic of this blog post, the East Village in Lower Manhattan.
My bartender friend there is famous, you see. Not because she serves up the coolest mixed drink concoctions (she works at a high-end beer bar, no mixed drinks here!), but because she confiscates fake ID's and posts them on her blog. There's nothing wrong with that, right? I didn't think so. However, one of the would be patrons apparently thought that it was totally wrong for her to do that, and served Google with a DMCA takedown notice. Apparently this young lady had a "budding political career", which in retrospect seems a little obvious that she would bring forth frivolous action against someone who she victimized. Kind of typical of the Republican party.
Now, by claiming to own copyright (she claimed copyright on the photograph and the signature), she is admitting that she committed a CRIME, that of creating a fake government document. You see, the creator (and only the creator) has the ability to assert copyright - therefore, by asserting that she is the creator of the fake ID, she is admitting that she made it, and therefore likely committed a felony. (I'm not really sure of the laws of either the state of New York or Maryland).

This would likely get Ms. Hey-r in more trouble than simply surrendering the fake ID, and just leaving the whole thing alone.