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So if you've read my ranting posts from last year about the hell desk experience that I had with RIM and T-Mobile, I'm afraid it was all for naught (well kinda). I was in New York one day last summer (while I was commuting between STL and NYC), and had to jump in a cab to go someplace. I got in the cab, and realized that my BlackBerry was not with me. Immediate panic ensued.

Those of you that own a BlackBerry would probably agree with me when I say that withdraw from the CrackBerry is fast and brutal. Since I was nearly certain that I had lost it on the street somewhere, I waited for lunchtime, and promptly headed out to the T-Mobile store, and bought a new BlackBerry (the 8700g this time).

Imagine my disappointment/anger/whatever when I realized that I had just spent $350 or so on a new phone when I get back to my hotel room, and find the old BlackBerry sitting there on my desk. I had already gotten used to the new BlackBerry (it has some really nice features that the other one did not have), so I decided I would just keep both of them - in case my new one broke in the same way as the previous 7290 that I had.

Well I've had the new 8700 for a little under a year now, and haven't had so much as a single problem with it really, even though I abuse that thing like nobody's business. It's had to have been dropped like 100 times by now, some of them rather serious where the battery cover snaps off, and the phone, battery, and cover wind up in three different places. This thing is indestructible!!

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