Fedora Bug Triage - FUDCon session notes

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All that I can say about the session that I just hosted at FUDCon is - wow. I had no idea that there were so many people that believed in what I'm trying to do here (and really no one other than me willing to lead it, since being a leader takes hard work) - the room that sat around 20-ish was standing room only. A few ideas came out of the meeting, some of them are below:
  • Go to a sponsorship system for fedorabugs in FAS - not really a problem
  • Require CLA for triage - not really necessary, per se, however we believe that the barrier of entry of being able to sign the CLA will weed out the people who are not technical enough to be able to do this.
  • NEEDINFO bugs should be closed after a month with a canned comment.
  • The reward system received some good input
  • We'll be having meetings on IRC, but the time is to be determined.
  • Wiki needs to be cleaned up regarding triage - we're going to start on this tomorrow.
The one thing that I wished would have been different about the presentation is that we had more time for it. We had time to get through about half of what we needed to do and what the interest was there for. Hopefully the hackfest session tomorrow will lead to some closure on a lot of this. In retrospect, I should have come to the hackfest on Friday as well, and I would have had some more ideas coming into today. Oh well, as they always say, hindsight is 20/20.

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