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Figured that I would post here what I posted to fedora-devel-announce a few days ago:

As mentioned previously in various announcements about the Bugzilla actions that are being undertaken, we will begin phase 2 shortly. Instructions on how to opt-out of these changes are below, as well as links to wiki pages that contain precise information on when the actions will begin, what actions are to be taken, and the queries used to select bugs to act upon.

1) Close all bugs INSUFFICIENT_DATA that are still in NEEDINFO from the "stale rawhide" cleanup ( Precautions are being taken to ensure that bugs had activity, however were never taken out of NEEDINFO from the last round of actions are not touched.

OPT-OUT: Changing the status to any other than NEEDINFO.will avoid having the bugs touched,

2) Close all bugs in ANY state that are filed against an EOL version (

OPT-OUT: Changing the version to '8' or 'rawhide' will avoid us making any changes to this bug.

Note that the following two actions are part of the BugZappers release SOP, and are being undertaken independently of the activities above (and will take place for every subsequent release to ensure that Bugzilla remains in good working order and useful to all parties):

3) Rebase all rawhide bugs (except for those that are Package Reviews or RFE's) to Fedora 9. Note that Bugzilla notification mail will be suppressed for this change - i.e. no one will receive mail that this has occurred except for this one. This is in direct response to community feedback that we were spamming them with unnecessary notifications. (

OPT-OUT: If this is an RFE, then add the FutureFeature keyword to the bug, and no action will be taken on it.

4) Post a warning about the impending end-of-life of Fedora 7 in all bugs filed against F7 ( Paul Frields recently mentioned this, this comment will merely act as a reminder and final warning of this fact. 30 days from the date of this running, all remaining bugs that are opened against Fedora 7 will be CLOSED WONTFIX.

No opt-out really applies to this, however, if the bug still applies to a later release, feel free to change the version to the later release and the comment will not be changed

If you have many bugs to change as a result of these procedures, feel free to drop by #fedora-qa and we will guide you through changing them all at once.

Also note that we have conducted a thorough post-mortem investigation of all the spam that was generated last time, and have identified and repaired the problem. There will be only one notification per bug this time around :).

Rest assured the BugZappers are are not doing this on their own and this process has been carefully reviewed the leadership of the Fedora Community. If you believe this process should be changed, like all things in Fedora, feel free to propose patches to the existing process or create a new proposal which can be evaluated and discussed for the Fedora 10 release cycle.

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