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Doing good....

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Well, I just had my 6 week post-op doctors appointment today - where she removed all activity restrictions!

Of course, that doesn't mean I'm well again - just that I can do more, and don't have to go around wearing a stupid sling! My arm is still obviously very weak from not using it for two months. We start active range of motion and strengthening in therapy tomorrow, which is likely to be very painful, so she gave me Vicodin to take prior to therapy.

Wish me luck!

Well, the big day came today - the day when I was to get hooked up to the DirecTV MFH2 system in my building.

Note that I said "was to". They called me this morning and said "can the tech come early?" I told them they absolutely can come whenever they want to. So about 30 minutes later the guy shows up. He fiddles around with my setup for a little while, comes and goes, calls lots of people, and finally says "well, there seems to be a problem and the lead tech is going to have to come, he'll be here in about an hour or two. I've got some more to do in the building, so I'll come back before I leave and if he hasn't come I'll hook you back up to the old system so you have something".

Well, it's now 6PM. I've not seen any sign of any tech, either this new "lead tech" or the original one who promised to come back by. So I called up and they said that "since the tech couldn't come today, they'll be following up with you either today or tomorrow to schedule another time".

So now I'm in worse shape than I was this morning, with NO working DirecTV service, and not a single clue of when I'm going to get service of any variety working again.

What ever happened to customer service?