Windows == massive fail.

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As if we didn't already know this, Windows is the biggest example of fail known to man. Let me elaborate a little bit.

$DAYJOB requires that I use Windows on my work-issued laptop (and the VPN software doesn't work so hot on current Linux distros), so I'm kind of stuck with using it. I have rebooted this machine 3 times TODAY.

Two times, I ran into the dreaded 'Interface not ready' errors in the Nortel Contivity client - in the client stats, transmit and receive bytes don't increment, but this counter does - no idea what it means, but I've found the only recourse is to reboot the machine - no idea why that happens. Sometimes it doesn't happen for days, sometimes it occurs multiple times per day with no rhyme or reason.

The other time, I installed Project 2003 SP3. Since I don't have Project 2007 and received a file created by it, it helpfully directed me to a webpage that told me that I need to install SP3 in order to view the file. Did that, and it prompted me to reboot. Why do I have to reboot for a simple application patch installation????

I feel that I've spent more time today rebooting (and writing this post complaining about it) than doing actual, productive work.

Thus, I conclude that Windows is epic fail.

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