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Well, a few days ago I threw my name in for re-election on FESCo, but I had a bit of a dilemma to contend with. Should I or should I not run for the Fedora Board at the same time?

I solved that today, and decided that I would. There are a number of other very qualified candidates running for the Board, and it's an honor to join them in this election. Each candidate brings a unique perspective to the position, and I figured that I'd highlight a few below, and then mention a few of my own

Dimitris Glezos leads our translation team. Via a team of hundreds or thousands of (mostly) volunteer translators, Fedora gets translated into many different languages for use around the world. This extends the reach of Fedora (and FOSS in general) to folks whose native language is not English. I count around 90 languages on As someone who speaks only English, I can't even imagine how difficult that task is :)

Michael DeHaan is the primary upstream maintainer (I guess you could call him that) of func and cobbler, however he is more of a community enabler than a dictator. Michael is one of few people that I've met that truly understands the open source development model, and the fact that you need BOTH community and corporate contributions in order for a project to be viable as a true upstream project. Through "Community EKG", we can see that some projects are doing better at that than others.

Which brings me to what my unique qualifications are. As someone who has a vested career interest in FOSS (I've been a Linux sysadmin for about 10 years now), however is not a developer, what I see my role as is three things:

  • An advocate of Fedora and FOSS in general
  • Someone who removes obstatcles for all contributors
  • A person to get more users into being contributors (both as developers and in the many non-development roles that Fedora has to offer)
For my "hard" qualifications, I'm a current member of FESCo, and I lead the bug triage effort in Fedora, along with John Poelstra. I maintain a few packages. and co-maintain a few in EPEL.

I will be taking part in the "town-hall" style meetings, and I invite people to email me privately with any questions. I am also available on Fedora Talk, at extension 5102788 or If I don't know what's causing pain, I can't do anything about it :).

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