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It seems that lots of folks are using Twitter. So you can follow me on Twitter now, jds2001 :). But I just tried to update via SMS and it didn't work.....wonder why.

I fail.

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So I was supposed to write some blog posts about my time at FUDCon. Fail. I'd like to write any sort of blog post at all. Fail.

Well, it's time to get off the failboat. So let's get some late FUDCon enthusiasm here (and some early FAD enthusiasm).

So at FUDCon, I had an absolutely wonderful time - at the Friday hackfest, I worked with Jeroen van Meeuwen on the spins process, and then went to work with James Laska on lab-in-a-box. We both learned a lot about Cobbler in the process!

On Saturday, I gave two "talks" - one was the FESCo meeting that occurred while at FUDCon, in which a lively debate about the intents and implementation of the 'provenpackager' group in FAS occurred. The other one was about the future of the Fedora mailing lists, which was just myself, Dennis Gilmore, and Kevin Fenzi talking about it. The outcome of that discussion was that we'll be moving all fedora-* lists from Red Hat infrastructure to Fedora infrastructure, as well as any other lists that would like to migrate.

On Sunday, I worked with Dave Malcolm on rpmgrok deployment, which is a really cool web application for discovering very interesting things about RPM files - for example, in a single .so, you'll be able to see it's exported symbols, other consumers of those symbols, etc. Really cool stuff.

As for the getting pre-excited part, I'm headed down to LA in about three weeks for SCaLE. There's a Fedora Activity Day planned in conjunction as well, on Friday. A Fedora Activity Day is a sprint of interested Fedora people getting together for a day or two to concentrate on an item or two of interest to Fedora.

The focus for this FAD is two-fold - first, finishing up the User's Guide and getting it into shape, and second, packaging of fonts. I have some font packages that I have to convert to the new guidelines, so this will be a great time for me!

Anyone that in, or can get to, the Westin at LAX is encouraged to do so to accomplish these important tasks!

It seems that I'm now the new chair of FESCo. Yay! Or something. I only hope I can do half as good as the marvellous Brian Pepple.

Thanks for being the chair for so long, Brian!

Back to work

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So I'm back to work after several days of blissfully forgetting about the existence of Windows (which I'm required to use on my $DAYJOB laptop). I come back, and within 20 minutes (at least 5 of were spent rebooting since the machine was in a weird state it gets in sometimes with the Contivity client), I come upon this marvelous example of fail. What exactly is the problem here? I'm still scratching my head at how spectacular this error message is. This is not doctored in any way, came straight from Outlook 2003: