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Well, I migrated this blog here with Movable Type a few weeks ago, and I'm getting a reasonable amount of traffic to it - about what normally comes to my blog from sources other than search engines (according to Google Analytics anyways). 

My old blog is also getting a lot of traffic (more than this one), 66% of it coming from search engines (and most of that obviously Google). A minuscule amount of traffic from search engines comes here, by comparison.

The question that I guess this leaves me with is "how do I tell Google that the same content that's over there is over here as well"? I know that this for example is one of my most popular posts from my old blog (and probably could stand some updating), but Google has no idea it's here (at least a search for kickstart didn't find it, but it did find the archive page it was linked from)

I guess there's no harm in leaving up the old site, but I feel that I should make one final entry in there to say that everything is over here now.....
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You're looking for the META tag:

<link rel="canonical" href="..."/>

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