OLPC Contibutors Program Proposal

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I submitted a proposal to the OLPC contributors program just now, in order to provide ongoing support and mentoring.  Thanks to the Fedora QA program that occurred some time back, I already have an XO-1 (this was attempting to get a standard Fedora desktop running on XO-1 hardware. Obtaining a GNOME desktop was actually pretty challenging, however, I found - unsurprisingly - that Xfce worked MUCH better on such low-end hardware).

The proposal is for 2 XO-1.5 units, to be used for both support of deployments in the field, as well as revising the somewhat dated developer documentation and support FAQ on the OLPC wiki.

Hopefully my proposal will be approved and I can get cracking! This is an important project for both Fedora and the children of the world.
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