Oh noes! My blog was down!

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It seems that my blog has been down for a few days :(  My hosting provider, Linode, sent me a notice that they would migrate my Linode due to some power maintenance where it was - I didn't think that was a big deal, just a reboot, right? Of course, when things reboot, you find that MySQL and Apache weren't set to come up on boot :(.  Of course, I didn't notice it until I went to go write something in the blog and it didn't work.  Maybe I should do some monitoring of my blog. I love Lindoe though - at least they notified me that there was maintenance on the host and it's my lazy self that didn't actually check that everything was going to be OK - probably better than some VPS providers out there that would just take it down and not let you know! If you are interested in Linode, sign up here!
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