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SIG status updates

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I just sent the below email to people that I could find that were leaders of various SIG's in Fedora - I tried to hit all of them. If you lead a SIG and got the below email, PLEASE take the time to respond - it helps us know exactly where we are in Fedora. It won't take much time and won't hurt, I promise :).  Now if you don't respond - I make no promises.... (just kidding).

If I missed your SIG (I just went down the page at please respond to the below questions, either via email to me (jstanley@fp.o), or even as a comment to this post, or a comment in this ticket, which tracks what I'm doing, whatever you're most comfortable with.

Thanks in advance for everyone's time as we try and get a handle on what exactly is happening in the community, and attempt to grow that community in any way possible.

This is an email being sent to all SIG's that are listed on the SIG page on the wiki.  I'm trying to find the individual that's the "leader" of the SIG in order to avoid spamming mailing lists, but sometimes, that's what is necessary.

I'm writing on behalf of the Fedora Engineering Service, a new group within Fedora that acts on items submitted by FESCo that general volunteers are not likely to accomplish because either they are more administrative in nature, or there is a general disinterest in doing it, generally because it's seen as "boring". The task that I am now engaged in falls within that category :).

As FESCo has responsibility for SIG oversight in Fedora, I'm supposed to figure out where each SIG stands in terms of their activities in Fedora. Specifically, we have a few questions that we'd like answered by each SIG leader:

1) Is your SIG still active? (if no, skip the remainder of the questions, unless you feel that it could be active again, if only for not having resources, etc)
2) Would your SIG be so kind as to provide monthly status reports to either FESCo or the '' mailing list? Think of this not as a bureaucratic measure being imposed on you, but more as what I call a "force multiplier" - a way to bring to the forefront of the larger Fedora community what your SIG is doing and why they might want to get involved in it.
3) Are there any resources that other teams in Fedora could provide (design work for something, marketing outreach, documentation people, IRC channel, mailing list - whatever you can think of, really) that would be beneficial to your SIG?

Thanks for your time!
-Jon, for FES