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End of an era

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Now that it's official and I've told everyone at my current employer, I guess I can say that I've decided to leave Savvis (my current $DAYJOB), and that my last day will be tomorrow, 4/2. It's been a pleasure working with everyone at Savvis over these last almost 10 years, however, another opportunity presented itself which I felt obligated to act on.

I'll be joining the Linux product engineering group at Goldman Sachs. This is a role that will allow me to influence the direction of the Linux product inside Goldman, which uses Linux at a scale that few other places reach. It will also allow me to further develop my technical skills, owing to the fact that rather than a generalist that does a little bit of everything, this role is one that will allow me to focus very deeply on the OS - both current and future (Fedora/upstream/etc).

I'm really excited, and can't wait to start on Monday!
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