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Voting for the Fedora 16 Release Name is now open. And I ask you, how could anyone vote for anything other than "Beefy Miracle"???

Go forth and vote, but make sure it's a beefy one!

Oh, and if you're in NYC sometime, go check out the ultimate shrine to the Beefy Miracle!
Well, I broke down and bought the HTC Thunderbolt today - Verizon's first 4G LTE phone. The rep also sold me (I'm a sucker for these things) on upgrading my trusty MiFi 2200 to a 4G LTE model from Samsung.Somehow getting a better device for the MiFi saves me $10/month, exactly how that works I'm not sure.

The experience of switching phones couldn't have been easier. Since I was going from Android to Android, of course all of my contacts, app purchases, etc were in the Google mothership once I signed in. By the time that I got home, it had downloaded all 63 apps that I had on my old phone to my new one. It seems to remember what versions of the apps that you have as well, not all of the apps that I got were the newest versions, they  were what I had on my old phone. A simple 'update all' was all it took to get the latest version.

How's the speed on this thing? Incredible is the only word to describe it. I downloaded the speed test app for the phone, and it clocked in a healthy 12Mbps download speed. Considering that some people don't get that with their cable modem or DSL, that seems pretty good to me. Of course, not very many people are on the LTE network right now, how it does with time, we'll see.

The one app that I care about the 4G experience on is MLB At Bat '11, and that seems to be working out fairly well, it's nice and snappy. I've tried streaming a game on MLB.TV with it though, and that's less than stellar, but acceptable (I mean, really, what do you expect out of streaming video on a phone?)

On to the complaints that I have about this phone - there's a nifty kickstand on it to prop it in a horizontal (landscape) orientation. Great. What's not so great is that whoever designed this phone clearly wasn't thinking that day - the USB port for charging is on the BOTTOM of the phone when in this orientation, so that you can't have it propped up and charge it at the same time.

Also, I found a nifty HopStop application (lets you plan subway trips in various citites, etc). The problem is that it doesn't work AT ALL on this phone. It will either crash or never return any data. Oh well, uninstalled. I'll stick to Google Maps for my transit directions.

I also just setup my Samsung SCH-LC11 hotspot (with the appropriate SSID 'The bigger G's'). Speed testing that on my iPad that I used to set it up seemed exceptionally abysmal, but to figure out if it was the iPad or the hotspot, I connected it to my home network and got even WORSE results., which I did a speed test from a (admittedly wired) computer and got my full 60/6. So there's something wrong with the wifi on the iPad that it seems incapable of decent speeds. I'll see how it works with a real computer on Tuesday.
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