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Dear Google:

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When a user that has Google Voice clicks on a phone number in GMail, don't you think that they may want to use GV instead of their computer to talk to the person? Especially if the computer in question doesn't have a microphone attached?

That is all.

Threw my name in

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I'm running for the Fedora Board this election cycle. My appointed seat expires this cycle, and I figured that I'd put it to the vote of the community whether or not I've done an acceptable job that they wish me to continue my work on the Board.

Note that as I mentioned in my nomination, it is an anti-goal of mine to use my Board position to drive technical or other changes in the project, simply by the nature of being on the Board. In my vision, the Board's job is to set strategic direction for the project (you'll notice that I use the word "project" alot - there is much more to the Fedora project than putting out a shiny new distro every 6 months).

The Board's job is distinctly not to take an activist role for or against anything in particular, but rather to enable groups that want to do something to do it.

If you want to have a say in the future direction of Fedora, I urge you to go put your name on the nomination page now!