I'm at wits end

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I'm trying to be a bit better about blogging and what's going on in Fedora and my life. Right now, though, my nerves are getting frayed. Let me explain why.

I have this nice new triple display setup. Works great in Windows. In Fedora, it's functional when it works...which gets me to why I'm annoyed. In order to make my system remotely usable in Fedora, I have to use the fglrx driver. There's this bug which has gotten no traction regarding why the opensource driver won't work for me. Now fglrx is misbehaving on me (it works for a few hours, then the X server just goes off to la-la land with fglrx messages in /var/log/messages), and I have no recourse but to not use Fedora on my main workstation when I want to do serious work, which makes me a sad panda.

So there's what I've been battling with for the last few weeks :(

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Why not try the open source drivers?

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