On living in NYC - the greatest city in the world - except!

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So generally I love living in New York City. Except when I don't. And this may seem nitpicking or trivial to some, but I think it's a big deal. NYC is one of those major American cities where people from all over the country come to take jobs, go to school, or for any variety of other reasons. That being said, you would think that major businesses would make exceptional efforts to cater to this demographic. A lot of the small local businesses do, so why not the major, national ones?

You see, I'm a huge baseball fan. Specifically, I root for the team from my hometown, the 2011 World Series champions St. Louis Cardinals. However, there is no place in the entire city of New York that I know of that will let me buy Cardinals gear. I have to order it direct from mlb.com.

So at this point, I'm sure that you're saying "well, you can't buy out of market gear for ANY sport, so what are you complaining about?". Well, you'd be wrong on that point - there used to be a very large NBA Store (with the NBA lockout, it "did not make economic sense" to retain that store, and they've moved to a smaller one - but there is STILL one), and currently has a large NHL store, selling gear from teams across the country. What's notably missing from this lineup? The NBA and MLB. So what gives?
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Isn't there an ESPN store in Times Square somewhere? Have you tried there?

Another idea: have you tried Dick's? I remember Dick's up in Albany had a surprisingly good selection of a lot of teams... there must be one in NYC metro somewhere...

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