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As a lot of people know, I'm a huge baseball fan, in particular the St. Louis Cardinals. Since I'm out of market for the Cardinals, I subscribe to a wonderful service that lets me see the Redbirds here in NYC - every game, except if it's blacked out for some reason (Saturday afternoon games - don't get me started on those, games against the Mets where I have local coverage available, etc). They do this in Flash, which is all well and good - I can install Adobe's Flash on Fedora without a problem. The problem comes in that I have a great three monitor setup. I can dedicate one of them to watching the game full screen, and the other two to doing something useful. Oh wait - that feature only works in Windows!

It seems that the Linux version of Flash grew multi-monitor support, so that I can indeed use one screen to watch the Cardinals. The problem is that if that window loses focus for any reason (like I go do some web browsing or whatever), I go back to the windowed view (which is quite small on a 24" display). In Windows 7, this doesn't happen.

So what does this mean? For the majority of baseball season, I'm relegated to Windows on my main workstation. This makes me a sad panda.
As the election period opens for the Fedora Board, I'd just like to quickly post that I will not be seeking re-election to the Board. I informed the Board about this during our meeting today, and I figured that I'd do a quick (much overdue) blog post to let people know. There are a few reasons for this, none of them related to the work that the Board is doing, which I think is absolutely fantastic.

The Board demands a significant amount of time from its members, not just in the attendance of the weekly meetings, but keeping up on mail, taking care of action items that come up in meetings, and other such things. In these areas, I feel that I've been failing pretty badly, and failing there is not only a disservice to the Board, but to the Fedora community in general. Lots of this has to do with demands that come up from $DAYJOB. As most people know, Fedora is not my $DAYJOB, however they have been incredibly supportive of my involvement, and I know that will continue.

Secondly, I've been on the Board for 2 years. While I don't think that the Board should have term limits per se, I do believe that there's a time, and 2 years seems about right to me, where someone should step aside and allow new blood to come into leadership positions in the project. Too long with the same people there, and you get the metality of "we've always done it this way, so let's continue doing it this way" 

So exactly what am I going to do with the time that not being on the Board will give me? I plan to do two things:

1) Get more (re)-involved with Infrastructure, where I'm already established, but have taken something of an unofficial "leave of absence" :) When my phone goes bonkers as it sometimes does, I hope to be able to respond appropriately.
2) Actually get time to work on what was my Board member goal - to improve documentation for various packages on how to debug and write effective bug reports for them.

I've had a wonderful time serving the Fedora community on the Board, and wouldn't step aside if I didn't think that there were many other people that I trust and believe would be an excellent "next generation", if you will, of leaders in the Fedora Project.