A rather large annoyance of mine

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As a lot of people know, I'm a huge baseball fan, in particular the St. Louis Cardinals. Since I'm out of market for the Cardinals, I subscribe to a wonderful service that lets me see the Redbirds here in NYC - every game, except if it's blacked out for some reason (Saturday afternoon games - don't get me started on those, games against the Mets where I have local coverage available, etc). They do this in Flash, which is all well and good - I can install Adobe's Flash on Fedora without a problem. The problem comes in that I have a great three monitor setup. I can dedicate one of them to watching the game full screen, and the other two to doing something useful. Oh wait - that feature only works in Windows!

It seems that the Linux version of Flash grew multi-monitor support, so that I can indeed use one screen to watch the Cardinals. The problem is that if that window loses focus for any reason (like I go do some web browsing or whatever), I go back to the windowed view (which is quite small on a 24" display). In Windows 7, this doesn't happen.

So what does this mean? For the majority of baseball season, I'm relegated to Windows on my main workstation. This makes me a sad panda.

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