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For some reason, the mulitouch touchpad in my laptop doesn't seem to work very well in Fedora - particularly when I try to click and drag something, the mouse just jumps all over the screen. Not a big deal, I just have to use an external mouse in order for it to be usable. I seem to have lost the one that I was using, so at the SFO airport I picked up a Microsoft wireless optical mouse. I've had a number of Microsoft products before, and I've always been impressed with the quality of their hardware - so much so in fact that I've only had it break on me once. Unfortunately, this particular mouse that I picked up had a immediate mechanical defect - the scroll wheel didn't work right. If I apply pressure to the left of the mouse, it works - but that's really annoying and it's not a 100% solution.

So I called up Microsoft, and got the best customer service EVER. Without being placed on hold, they took down my information, informed me that they no longer made the product that I bought 2 days ago (WHAT?!?! How long has this thing been sitting on the shelf?), but would be happy to do one of two things - either refund my money if I sent the receipt in (I'd have a hard time doing that, I don't generally save those things!) or just send me a new mouse of the newer model that they DO now make, no questions asked. I obviously took the second option, and I'll have it soon enough!

Other companies should follow the lead of this great customer service!

Well, I found it!

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I wrote a previous post about not being able to find St. Louis Cardinals gear in NYC. Well, I just thought that I'd follow up that post that I've found somewhere that sells stuff locally (I got a jersey there, they had some t-shirts as well, but not in my size sadly).

Well, I'm here to tell you where to find such things! None other than the great Paragon Sports. It's quite a jungle of interconnected stores (the sales rep told me that when he first started working there, he would get lost because there's 7 interconnected buildings forming one store!).

Not only do I think that Paragon is great because of the fact that they carry (some) Cardinals gear, but rather that they carry everything else too! And by everything, I mean any possible item that you'd require for any type of sporting endeavor from skateboarding to kayaking to everything imaginable in between, either playing it or as a fan. Not a bad spot.

So why would I write this to a (primarily) non-NYC audience? Because they have all this stuff, and they also have competitive pricing and online ordering - you don't need to go to the interconnected maze of a store at 18th and Broadway, you can make them come to you!